In a bold address at the African CEO Forum in Kigali, President William Ruto criticized the United States and the European Union for disproportionately allocating resources to conflicts outside Africa while neglecting the continent’s pressing security needs.

During his speech, President Ruto highlighted the stark contrast in funding, stating, “Among the conversations we are going to have is about peace, security, and stability. We have seen the US, we have seen Europe spend billions in Gaza, billions in Ukraine. Have you seen billions in Africa? No, I have not.”

President Ruto urged the African Union to take the lead in negotiating equitable partnerships with global powers to address the security challenges faced by African nations. He emphasized the necessity of structured collaboration between Africa, the US, and the EU to ensure stability across regions, including Africa, Gaza, and Ukraine.

With Africa experiencing over 34 non-international armed conflicts, President Ruto committed to advocating for increased resources to end these conflicts, which have displaced an estimated 40.4 million Africans.

He emphasized the importance of a comprehensive partnership for stability in various regions, underscoring the shared responsibility of nations in addressing humanitarian crises and conflicts worldwide.