President William Ruto has unveiled an agricultural success story that promises to bring substantial relief to Kenyan households by ensuring that maize flour prices will no longer soar to previous heights.

President Ruto highlighted that the combination of favorable weather conditions and the government’s efforts in providing subsidized fertilizers has significantly boosted agricultural productivity, particularly in maize production. This promising development indicates a positive shift for food security in Kenya.

“Thanks to our agricultural support programs, we have distributed 5  million bags of region-specific crop fertilizers in 41 counties, ensuring farmers have the necessary resources to improve their yields,” President Ruto stated.

The revolutionary initiative goes a step further, distributing fertilizers based on acreage and crops grown through a digital e-voucher platform. This method ensures that fertilizers reach the hands of farmers, benefiting both smallholders and commercial producers alike.

With over 200,000 acres under cultivation and hopes of a bountiful harvest, this season’s maize production is expected to rise by more than 40%, promising a steady supply of the country’s staple food.

President Ruto’s administration is determined to reduce the burden on Kenyan households by curbing inflation through local production. By creating a robust environment for farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture, the government aspires to secure a stable maize flour price, allowing all citizens to access affordable and reliable food.

These initiatives are part of President Ruto’s broader agenda to empower local farmers, drive economic growth, and provide Kenyans with a stable and affordable food supply. In light of these developments, Kenyans are cautiously optimistic that the days of maize flour prices reaching Kshs. 230 may be a thing of the past, heralding a more food-secure and prosperous future.