In an address to officers graduating from the National Defence College, President William Ruto challenged them to expand their focus beyond conventional security threats and adapt to the complexities of the digital age.

Ruto emphasized the need to confront emerging strategic challenges, stating, “Technology has introduced complex threats that require a broader perspective on security. Security today goes beyond traditional notions of protection to include digital disruptions and insidious threats from within and outside our borders.”

Highlighting the impact of Artificial Intelligence on security vulnerabilities, Ruto warned against complacency in the face of digital risks. He stressed the importance of understanding and countering sophisticated threats, such as identity theft and AI-generated misinformation.

The President underscored the interconnected nature of modern security threats, pointing to resource scarcity and ecological factors as potential drivers of conflict. He called for a borderless approach to security strategy, emphasizing collaboration among security agencies to address evolving risks effectively.

Chief of Defence Forces echoed Ruto’s sentiments, expressing confidence in the officers’ preparedness to navigate complex security challenges. He commended their dedication to professional development and readiness to lead in safeguarding the nation’s defence and security interests.

President Ruto’s call for a comprehensive and adaptive security approach resonates with the changing landscape of threats, urging proactive measures to ensure national security in an increasingly interconnected world.