The Principal Secretary of the State Department for Petroleum, Mohamed Liban, has commended the transformative capabilities of Geographical Information System (GIS) technology in harnessing natural resources.

Speaking in Mombasa at the launch of GIS training for various petroleum professionals, PS Liban highlighted the role of GIS in overcoming challenges encountered in resource exploration.

Liban emphasized, “GIS serves as a powerful technological tool in addressing the challenges faced during the exploration, development, and exploitation of natural resources.”

The training initiative aims to enhance the technical skills of staff to align with the department’s goal of oil and gas capacity development.

He further stated, “GIS plays a pivotal role in petroleum production, transportation, and resource management by facilitating spatial data handling.” Liban encouraged participants to seize the opportunity for continuous learning and innovation in the dynamic petroleum industry.

The integration of GIS and remote sensing is expected to bring numerous benefits, including improved resource stewardship, enhanced communication, and better environmental impact monitoring.

PS Liban urged active engagement from participants to maximize the benefits of the training and contribute to strategic decision-making for improved service delivery.