Yesterday 9th October 2023, the Cabinet approved the writing off of debts amounting to Sh117 billion owed by public sugar mills and treasury is working diligently to waive tax penalties and interest within 30 days.

This decision holds immense significance, not just as a financial relief for sugar mills but as a beacon of hope for the backbone of our nation:

For years, these farmers have toiled relentlessly in the face of mounting debts and insurmountable financial burdens. The sugar sector, once a thriving cornerstone of our agricultural economy, had fallen into shambles, leaving these hardworking individuals in dire straits.

However, President Ruto’s determined efforts are poised to breathe new life into this industry, promising a brighter future for farmers, their families, and the communities they support.

President Ruto’s commitment to revitalizing sugar cane farming is a testament to his administration’s “Kenya Kwanza” approach, prioritizing the well-being of ordinary citizens. This revitalization effort will not only bring economic stability to farmers but also usher in job opportunities in rural areas, bolster local economies, and ensure a steady income stream for countless households.

In these challenging times, the decision to alleviate the burdens of sugar mills is a ray of hope, embodying the spirit of an administration dedicated to the prosperity of the common mwananchi, particularly our resilient and deserving sugar cane farmers.