Tanzania’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, January Makamba, unveiled plans for a substantial Ksh12.2 billion investment in development projects across Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia. Makamba emphasized the significance of this endeavor in boosting revenues for the Foreign Affairs docket.

“We are allocating Ksh7.5 billion for construction in Kinshasa, Ksh6.4 billion for Nairobi, and Ksh3.3 billion for Lusaka,” Makamba detailed. The investments comprise offices, ambassador residencies, and economic ventures aimed at fostering stronger ties within the region.

Expanding on Tanzania’s strategic approach, Makamba highlighted the construction of a remarkable 25-storey building in Kinshasa, a testament to Tanzania’s global footprint in real estate ventures. These initiatives align with President Samia Suluhu’s 4R philosophy, emphasizing Reconciliation, Reforms, Resilience, and Rebuilding.

Makamba stressed the project’s multifaceted financing, encompassing partnerships and loans to ensure self-sustainability. This expansive initiative underscores Tanzania’s commitment to generating foreign exchange and reducing dependence on external funding sources for diplomatic infrastructure projects.

With a portfolio of 111 properties worldwide, Tanzania’s ambitious development strategy aims to enhance revenue streams and solidify its presence on the international stage.