As the year 2023 comes to an end, President Ruto’s scorecard for the year reads of positivity for the Kenyan children and the education sector. The Kenya Kwanza government has taken measures to reduce recurring challenges such as the human resource issues.

In 2023 alone, President Ruto’s government has seen the recruitment of over 56,750. This is the highest number of teachers recruited in a single year in the country. The recruitment not only aided the government bridge the ratio to students to teachers but also made room for over 16,000 teachers to be promoted.

The government also retrained more than 8,200 teachers to equip them with capacity to effectively deliver learning and teaching at the Junior School level.

H.E Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza government has in this year 2023 increased funding into the education sector. Funds allocated to the sector increased by 15.5% to 628.6 billion shillings, focusing on the New Funding Model to enhance Tertiary Education access.

President Ruto has also seen to it that funding to TVETs has been increased from 5 Billion to 10 Billion shillings. He has also assured Kenyans that the prior disorganization experienced in these institutions is dealt with. The president has promised to have about 107,000 teachers recruited into the TVETs.

The launch of Open University of Kenya, the first ever online public university has given access to affordable higher learning to all Kenyans. The government is working tirelessly to provide free Wi-Fi to all parts of Kenya to facilitate this.

In a collaboration with the Chancellors, Ruto’s government has made arrangements to see that the more than 60 Billion owed is paid. In further plans to reduce the financial constraints, the government has increased funding to universities from 44 Billion to 82 Billion shillings.

In total, the government has allocated 628.6 Billion shillings to the education sector.

Streamlining CBC curriculum has also been a top priority for the government which has been done with a reduced subject load, easing the burden on parents, teachers, and learners. The government has also reduced the cost of secondary education by domiciling Junior Secondary in primary schools.

H.E President Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza government is fully dedicated to empowering Kenyans through education