In recent years, the Ministry of Education under President Ruto’s administration has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at revolutionizing Kenya’s educational landscape. These key achievements signify a commitment to ensuring equitable access to quality education for all Kenyan children. Here are the notable accomplishments:

  1. Addressing Teacher Shortages: President Ruto’s administration has prioritized the recruitment of teachers, surpassing all previous governments by employing over 50,000 teachers nationwide. This proactive measure has significantly improved the teacher-student ratio, ensuring that every child in Kenya has the opportunity to attend school and receive a quality education.
  2. Implementation of School Feeding Programs: Recognizing the critical link between nutrition and academic performance, the government has rolled out a comprehensive school feeding program across all counties. By ensuring that every child receives adequate nutrition, this initiative aims to enhance concentration and academic achievements in schools.
  3. Supporting Competency- Based Curriculum (CBC) Transition: President Ruto’s administration assumed office during a pivotal period in the transition from primary to junior secondary education under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). To facilitate this transition smoothly, the government adjusted the university funding model and provided extensive retraining for teachers, thereby ensuring the effective implementation of the CBC and promoting seamless learning experiences for students.
  4. Expanding Access to Higher Education: In a bid to increase university enrollment and facilitate equitable access to higher education, the government has undertaken the establishment of new universities and the expansion of existing institutions. Additionally, a revamped funding formula has been introduced to assist vulnerable and needy students in paying their tuition fees. This initiative not only addresses past funding challenges but also aims to reduce student debt and financial burdens on families.
  5. Introduction of Capitation for Nursery Schools: In a groundbreaking move, the government has introduced capitation funding for nursery schools, providing approximately sh1170 per learner. This funding will enable Nursery, Primary & Secondary schools to offer nutritious meals, including porridge for breakfast and two meals for lunch and dinner, thereby promoting better health and academic performance among young learners.

These achievements underscore the government’s unwavering commitment to transforming the education sector and fostering and environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive academically.

As Kenya continues its journey towards educational excellence, these initiatives serve as pillars of progress and inclusivity, paving the way for a brighter future for generations to come.