In a move to attract foreign investors, Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy Eliud Owalo met with over 10 European Union (EU) envoys ahead of the highly anticipated Nyanza International Investment Conference.

The meeting took place at a working group breakfast, with discussions geared towards fostering partnerships and generating interest from international investors.

Owalo, expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming conference, highlighted the significance of engaging with EU ambassadors.

He stated, “As the patron of the Nyanza Professional Forum, I have this morning led the organizing committee of the Nyanza International Investment Conference through a working group breakfast with European Union (EU) Ambassadors resident in Kenya.”

The EU team, led by Ambassador Henriette Geiger, included representatives from Italy, Sweden, Romania, Spain, and several other EU countries. Their presence at the meeting signifies a strong potential for increased global participation in the event.

Members of the organizing committee, along with representatives from the European Investment Bank and various embassies, were also in attendance.

The committee chairman, Jalph Olende, expressed optimism, stating, “We are confident that the partnership with EU ambassadors will pave the way for substantial international investments in our conference.”