Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has intensified his efforts to unite the Mt Kenya region and is now engaged in outreach efforts that could see him reshape the region’s political alliances for a new political era, post-Uhuru Kenyatta.

Unlike previously, the Deputy President has toned down his attacks on former President Uhuru Kenyatta and criticism of his opponents as he seeks to embrace all elected leaders.

According to Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruuku, the DP is now firmly in charge of his Mt Kenya backyard after silencing earlier divisions witnessed after the August 2022 polls.

The lawmaker attributed the emerging Mt Kenya unity to the DP’s shrewdness and consultative engagements with political leaders.

“Any leader who fails to accord Gachagua his respect as the Deputy President and as the leader of Mt Kenya region, we shall deal with him man to man,” he said, insisting that the DP is the undisputed Mt Kenya kingpin.

The DP’s move of embracing his former critics and reducing perceived antagonism is likely to realign the region’s politics to his advantage, as the country heads to 2027.

According to reports, a major political conference is being planned in Limuru to cement Mt Kenya’s unity and rally behind a common agenda.