Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has instructed police to facilitate Kenyans residing in buildings earmarked for demolition on riparian land to retrieve their belongings without any incidents of violence.

In a statement released today, Kindiki emphasized the importance of ensuring a smooth transition during the relocation process, stating, “Members of the public must be allowed to vacate structures or premises targeted for removal and to collect their belongings.”

He reaffirmed that the vacation orders issued on May 2, 2024, were made in the national interest and with the public’s safety in mind. Kindiki underlined the government’s commitment to reclaiming and rehabilitating the Nairobi Rivers riparian reserves, emphasizing the project’s nonpartisan nature.

Kindiki highlighted the significance of safeguarding riparian areas to enhance Nairobi’s resilience against climate change impacts, preventing potential loss of lives, property, and livelihoods from future heavy rains and flooding.

With over 40,000 households voluntarily relocating from the Nairobi Rivers corridors, efforts are underway to transform the reclaimed riparian land into recreational spaces. The ongoing restoration activities include fencing, tree planting, and development of free-to-access amenities along the riverbanks for public enjoyment and use, as announced by Kindiki.