President William Ruto is set to headline the Nyanza International Investment Conference in Kisumu next month, as confirmed by Information and Communication Technology Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo. Owalo emphasized the significant role the President will play in leading a cohort of local and international investors to capitalize on the untapped economic opportunities within the region.

The two-day summit, scheduled for June 28 and 29, aims to attract both local and international investors to drive development across the six counties in Nyanza. Under the theme “Nyanza Rising: Towards Economic Transformation for Socio-Economic Growth and Development,” the conference will bring together governmental officials, private sector representatives, and investors to explore potential investment avenues in the region.

Owalo, acting as the patron of NIIC, stressed the importance of converting existing development challenges into attractive investment opportunities for stakeholders. The event aligns with the government’s directive to foster Public-Private Partnerships to spur economic growth and investment initiatives nationwide.

Key projects such as the Koru-Soin dam and the Lake Victoria ring road will be spotlighted at the summit to entice investors. The ring road, set to enhance trade and investment opportunities in the region, and the stalled Koru-Soin dam project, seeking PPP collaboration for its completion, are central to President Ruto’s development vision for Nyanza.

In a call for unity and collaboration, Owalo urged Nyanza residents and leaders to rally behind President Ruto’s transformative agenda, aimed at unlocking the region’s untapped potential for economic growth and prosperity.