Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued a stern warning to politicians, urging them to refrain from involvement in illicit liquor raids and allow law enforcement agencies to carry out their duties without interference.

In a press statement following a meeting with the Machakos County Security and Intelligence Committee, CS Kindiki emphasized the need for law enforcement operations to be solely conducted by authorized agencies. He stated, “The operations must be left entirely to law enforcement agencies…Politicians should focus on serving the people through their mandated responsibilities, such as infrastructure development and public services.”

Highlighting the government’s commitment to combating the illicit drug trade and the production of harmful substances, Kindiki stressed the detrimental impact of these activities on society, stating, “They lead to broken families and hinder economic progress by diverting productive individuals towards substance abuse.”

CS Kindiki emphasized the seriousness of the issue, declaring those involved in drug trafficking and illicit liquor production as enemies of the state. He outlined stringent measures to tackle the problem, including the revocation of licenses issued against regulations and the introduction of harsh penalties for offenders.

The ongoing security operations, aimed at eradicating the illicit trade, have already yielded significant results in Machakos County, with numerous arrests and seizures made. CS Kindiki affirmed that the government’s efforts would be relentless until the threat posed by illicit substances is eliminated nationwide.