As an attendee at the Nyeri Golf Club event, I cannot help but express my enthusiasm for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s address. His acknowledgment of the importance of unity in the post-election period resonated deeply with me. Comparing elections to competitive sports and emphasizing the need for reconciliation, hard work, and future preparation was a refreshing perspective. It clearly illustrates that, beyond the electoral cycle, we must unite as a region to collectively contribute to the nation’s growth.

His insights into government interventions in the tea, dairy, and coffee sectors were particularly encouraging. As a proud resident of the Mt. Kenya region, I am thrilled to witness these essential reforms that ensure fair profit-sharing for our hardworking farmers. This commitment to agricultural growth is not only economically sound but also promotes the prosperity of our region.

Deputy President Gachagua’s resolute stance against illicit brews and illegal drugs demonstrates the government’s dedication to protecting our current and future generations. With 70% progress in this fight, we are on the right path towards a healthier and more productive future.

The emphasis on the local economy’s growth, especially in the thriving tourism sector, is a call to action for our region. Investing in our local businesses and hospitality industry will create abundant job opportunities, further elevating our social and economic status.

Gachagua’s call for unity within the Mt. Kenya region is both timely and essential. We cannot afford to leave behind the 13% who did not vote for President Ruto and Gachagua’s ticket. Unity brings social, economic, and political benefits, enabling us to exert more influence nationally and secure more government appointments for our region.

I left the event with renewed optimism, fully aware that our region’s potential lies in our unity, shared goals, and collaborative efforts. Deputy President Gachagua’s address has invigorated us to work together towards a brighter future for the Mt. Kenya region and the entire nation.