Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has reaffirmed his unwavering commitment to advancing unity and safeguarding the interests of the Mt Kenya region.

Addressing attendees at the Annual Akorino Conference in Nakuru over the weekend on Sunday, Gachagua underlined his dedication to national cohesion while emphasizing the significance of regional solidarity.

Gachagua emphasized the importance of maintaining unity across the nation, cautioning against divisions within specific areas that could potentially disrupt the country’s harmony.

He highlighted the need for inclusivity and collaboration, stressing, “Unity is a collaborative effort that begins at the grassroots level, fostering cohesion from local communities to the national level.”

Responding to critiques from allies of President William Ruto over his calls for a united Mt Kenya, Gachagua reiterated that his advocacy for unity transcends regional boundaries, aiming for a cohesive and inclusive national landscape.

He also championed the bottom-up economic transformation agenda as a catalyst for equitable development.

Furthermore, Gachagua underscored his track record as a peacemaker, citing instances in Kericho, Kiambu, Meru, and Nakuru where he facilitated reconciliation efforts to resolve conflicts and promote harmony.

He emphasized the universal impact of regional unity, noting that discord in any locality could reverberate across the entire nation.

In closing, Gachagua reiterated his commitment to fostering unity based on shared objectives, emphasizing that unity does not equate to uniformity but rather celebrates diverse challenges and interests specific to different communities and regions.