In a move to bolster inter-agency collaboration, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) convened a crucial meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Sultan Hajiyev, on Monday.

The ministry highlighted the significance of the meeting, stating, “The DPP, in pursuit of enhancing inter-agency collaboration, engaged in discussions with His Excellency Sultan Hajiyev to explore avenues for fortifying collaboration, cooperation, and partnership between the prosecution services of both nations.”

This high-level discussion centered on enhancing collaborative channels and fostering mutual partnerships between the prosecution services of Kenya and Azerbaijan.

The meeting marks a pivotal follow-up to the DPP’s recent visit to Azerbaijan, aimed at exploring potential areas of cooperation within the realm of criminal justice.

The diplomatic ties between the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Azerbaijan were formally established on May 28, 2004, signifying a commitment to sustained collaboration and partnership between the two nations.