Cabinet Secretary Salim Mvurya has declared the commencement of the Sh1.5 billion fisheries project in Lake Turkana, spearheaded by the Netherlands.

During a pivotal meeting with outgoing Netherlands Ambassador to Kenya Maarten Brouwer, CS Mvurya revealed plans for an additional Sh300 million investment from Kenya to bolster the initiative.

“Our commitment to fostering enhanced fishing activities in Lake Turkana is unwavering. While initial operations have kickstarted, the primary efforts will kick into full gear come September,” stated CS Mvurya, underscoring the project’s significance in both Marsabit and Turkana counties.

Highlighting Kenya’s pivotal role, Mvurya announced the construction of two vital landing sites with a combined cost of Sh300 million, ensuring a strategic partnership with the Netherlands for project continuity.

Expressing confidence in the project’s continuity, Brouwer affirmed, “The venture to amplify Lake Turkana’s fisheries potential will progress seamlessly as envisioned, bolstering the thriving fishing community along the lake.” Notably, the government’s provision of a Sh50 million patrol boat is set to bolster security measures surrounding the lake.

Looking ahead, Brouwer emphasized fostering ship-building collaborations between the Netherlands and Kenya, fortifying trade relationships and resource provisions for sustained economic growth in the region.

Situated as the largest desert lake globally, Lake Turkana’s fisheries sustainably support thousands of individuals, constituting an essential fixture in the local economy. As the project gears up for full-scale implementation, anticipations run high for a transformative impact on the region’s fisheries sector.