The United States has pledged a generous donation of Sh203 million to Kenya, aimed at fortifying the government’s anti-corruption endeavors. The announcement comes as the heads of state from both nations convened on Thursday to commemorate and strengthen the longstanding bond between Kenya and the US.

A statement from the White House underscored the significance of the visit, highlighting President William Ruto’s pivotal discussions with his US counterpart, President Joe Biden, culminating in a celebratory dinner.

“This landmark visit signifies 60 years of enduring US-Kenya collaboration, anchored in mutual values, robust cooperation, and a shared vision for the future,” remarked the dispatch.

As part of this renewed commitment, the US government plans to allocate $1 million (Sh131 million) towards bolstering anti-corruption mechanisms, with a particular focus on enhancing transparency in county budget processes and fostering citizen engagement.

Furthermore, a substantial portion of the pledge, totaling $550,000 (Sh72 million), will be dedicated to reinforcing Kenya’s anti-corruption legal frameworks, including provisions for witness protection and whistleblower safeguards.

The White House emphasized that these initiatives aim to empower civil society actors in their tireless efforts to combat corruption and enhance accountability at every level of governance.

Illustrating a robust partnership in combatting malfeasance, the US, through USAID, earmarked an additional $2.7 million (Sh353.7 million) to bolster enforcement mechanisms targeting fraud, wastage, and abuse in public service delivery to Kenyan citizens.

This significant financial commitment underscores the unwavering dedication of the US-Kenya alliance towards upholding democratic values, human rights, and governance standards, ensuring tangible benefits for the citizens of both nations.