First Lady Rachel Ruto has lauded the efforts of the Spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas RIgathi in the fight against alcoholism, drugs, and substance abuse among the youth.

Speaking during the 10th Annual Nyeri County Prayer Breakfast in Nyeri County the First Lady said the dedication and commitment of Pastor Dorcas in saving the young generation is admirable.

“I commend the efforts of Her Excellency my sister Pastor Dorcas Rigathi who has been at the forefront in addressing the challenges facing our young men in combating alcoholism and drug abuse. Your dedication and commitment inspire us to fight for our youth,” she said.

The First Lady further called on Kenyans to embrace the family unit as the basic unit of a strong nation.

She said the family as a fundamental unit of society plays a vital role in shaping the future of the country and must be protected.

She said the family unit, the church, and the government as institutions established by God must work together to transform the lives of people.

Pastor Dorcas in her speech, said children must be protected as a destiny of the community and a future generation.

“Children are a symbol of a future and the destiny of a nation. It is the children who will propagate the next dispensation and if the children are dead, a community will be dead,” she said.

“I believe that is why our mother (Rachel Ruto) is hereafter wailing and praying to God now she can come and stand here, give thanks to God because our children are not going to die anymore,” she added.

“Our expectations cannot be cut short. Anyone who wants to cut short your expectations, children are the future of destiny and generation. If the children are dead, the community is dead, our children will not die anymore,” added Pastor Dorcas.