Cabinet Secretary for Health Nakhumicha on Monday underscored the critical need for action on food safety. The Health CS made the remarks during her address at the 54th session of the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene in Nairobi.

The CS highlighted the alarming global impact of foodborne diseases, with over half a billion people falling ill annually and half a million deaths recorded, particularly affecting Africa.

CS Nakhumicha emphasized Kenya’s longstanding commitment to supporting international efforts in food safety standards as a member of the Codex Alimentarius Commission since 1969.

She expressed gratitude to the United States for co-hosting the session with the Kenyan Government and urged all stakeholders to prioritize food safety and hygiene standards, emphasizing their pivotal role in public health agendas.

The Health Cabinet Secretary called for collective action to ensure consumer confidence in the safety of the food supply.

In her speech, Hon. Nakhumicha Wafula also celebrated the international partnerships being fostered by this co-hosting collaboration.

“Together, let us build a future where safe and nutritious food is accessible to all, and where the health and well-being of our communities are safeguarded through robust food hygiene standards,” Hon. Nakhumicha stated.

She was accompanied by her Trade and Agriculture counters, Hon. Rebecca Miano and Hon. Mithika Linturi respectively.