President William Ruto has allocated an extra Ksh100 million towards the completion of the long-running Galana Kulalu Irrigation Development Project, initiated by former President Uhuru Kenyatta a decade ago. This additional funding underscores the government’s commitment to advancing agricultural productivity and achieving food security goals.

The ambitious project, situated between Kilifi and Tana River Counties, aimed to irrigate up to one million acres of land and was a key component of Kenya’s Vision 2030 agenda. With a total cost of Ksh7.9 billion, the project has received consistent financial support over the years, with the latest allocation being a part of President Ruto’s administration’s efforts to revitalize the initiative.

Notably, alongside the Galana Kulalu project, the government plans to invest Ksh12 billion in the State Department for Irrigation by the end of the 2024/25 financial year. This includes allocations for various irrigation schemes such as Bura, Mwea, Rwabura, Turkana, and Lower Kuja, aiming to enhance agricultural output across the country.

The Treasury has approved substantial funding for projects like the Bura Irrigation Scheme and Community Based Irrigation Projects, signaling a comprehensive approach to bolstering agricultural infrastructure and supporting farmers.