The government has announced plans to construct over 105,000 housing units across six counties in Central Kenya, with a focus on providing affordable housing solutions to the citizens.

Affordable Housing Central director Albert Gakuru revealed that the project aims to not only address the housing needs of Kenyans but also generate employment opportunities within the region.

Gakuru stated, “The project is meant to ensure Kenyans have decent houses and also create job opportunities,” underlining the dual benefits of the housing development initiative. Kiambu will lead with over 70,000 housing units, followed by Nyeri and Murang’a with 10,000 units each, while Kirinyaga, Laikipia, and Nyandarua will have 5,000 units each to meet the growing demand for housing in the region.

The government’s move comes in response to a report by the Kenya Bureau of Standards highlighting a housing deficit of over 250,000 units annually.

During a public participation event in Kerugoya town, Kirinyaga county, Gakuru outlined the new affordable housing regulations, emphasizing the partnership opportunities for low-income earners in rural areas and addressing concerns raised by residents regarding tax requirements and job allocation transparency.

Residents urged prudent use of the housing levy, reduction of deposit amounts, prioritization of those in urgent need, and enhanced community engagement to ensure the success and inclusivity of the housing project.

Gakuru assured that all feedback from the public will be considered in the final report to ensure the project’s effectiveness and transparency.