In a move to enhance access to quality employment for Kenyan workers in Europe, Labour, and Skills Development Principal Secretary Shadrack Mwadime announced a series of strategic initiatives aimed at not only expanding job opportunities but also safeguarding the rights and welfare of Kenyan workers on the European continent.

During a presentation on ‘Kenya’s Labour Export Strategy’ at a regional consultative conference in Vienna, Austria, Mwadime highlighted the government’s commitment to increasing employment prospects for Kenyan job seekers, particularly the youth.

He emphasized the positive impact of labor migration on the country, citing the substantial remittances amounting to Sh628.49 billion in 2023, making diaspora remittances a significant foreign exchange earner for Kenya.

Mwadime emphasized the importance of bilateral labor agreements, such as the one with the United Kingdom for healthcare professionals, which facilitated the employment of 280 nurses in the UK.

Additionally, he revealed that the government has drafted similar agreements with countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Israel, Serbia, and Russia, covering various categories of workers to further enhance job opportunities for Kenyan workers in Europe.

The government’s efforts also include strengthening policy frameworks and establishing a one-stop shop for labor migration services in Nairobi to streamline migration processes and prevent irregular migration and human trafficking.

Mwadime called upon Kenyan ambassadors and high commissioners in Europe to collaborate in identifying and securing employment opportunities for Kenyan workers in the European labor market, emphasizing the importance of safe and orderly labor migration for all Kenyans.