Deputy Government Spokesperson Mwanaisha Chidzuga has disclosed that Kenyans who illegally altered the course of rivers to build houses will not receive compensation from the government.

Addressing the issue during an interview on Radio Citizen, Chidzuga highlighted the plight of individuals seeking compensation after their homes were swept away by floods, necessitating their evacuation to safer locations.

While acknowledging the existence of a Ksh39 billion compensation fund allocated to address flood-related damages, Chidzuga clarified that this fund is reserved for individuals who were deceived during the acquisition of title deeds. She emphasized that those with valid land ownership documents obtained through fraudulent means would be provided with alternative settlement options.

However, Chidzuga pointed out the distinct case of individuals who knowingly redirected rivers by moving soil and constructing permanent structures on the altered land.

She questioned the feasibility of compensating such actions, stating, “If you know you diverted a river, just move.

We will not give you compensation to buy land in another place.” The government’s stance underscores the importance of responsible land use and environmental conservation practices in the country.