In an era where economic stability and the affordability of essential commodities are paramount concerns for any nation, President William Ruto’s government has embarked on a transformative journey to alleviate the financial burden on ordinary citizens. Through a series of visionary policies and strategic interventions, President Ruto’s administration has ushered in a remarkable era of reduced prices, lowered inflation rates, and increased food production, resulting in a significant improvement in the cost of living for Kenyan households.

Affordable Basics: Unga and Cooking Gas

In a matter of months, President Ruto’s administration has successfully reduced the prices of essential commodities, making them more accessible to ordinary citizens. Notably, the price of Unga, a staple food item, dropped from Kshs. 230 to an affordable Kshs. 160. The cost of cooking gas has also seen a substantial reduction, with 6kg gas cylinders going from Kshs. 1,100 to a more affordable Kshs. 850. These changes have provided immediate financial relief for Kenyan families.

Affordable Housing

President Ruto’s commitment to affordable living extends to housing. In a mere year, the government’s ambitious plan to construct 200,000 low-cost housing units annually has transformed the housing landscape with over 36,000 units already under construction. The introduction of tenant purchase schemes with affordable monthly rates, such as one-bedroom units for Kshs. 2,400 and three-bedroom units for Kshs. 6,500, is reshaping the housing sector. Kenyan citizens can now enjoy the benefits of affordable housing, eliminating exorbitant rents and reallocating their savings to other essential household needs.

Revolutionizing Agriculture for Lower Food Prices

The agricultural sector, vital to Kenya’s economy, has witnessed remarkable policy measures under President Ruto’s administration. An allocation of over Ksh12 billion has been dedicated to subsidizing fertilizers, resulting in a substantial increase in grain production. The reduction in fertilizer prices from Kshs. 7,500 to an accessible Kshs. 2,500 has stimulated increased food production, leading to a surplus in the market and consequently, a reduction in food prices.

From Subsidizing Consumption to Promoting Production

Remarkably, President Ruto’s government has achieved these transformative changes in just one year by shifting the focus from subsidizing consumption directly to promoting production. By supporting and incentivizing production across various sectors, President Ruto has revitalized Kenya’s economy. This approach has created an environment where industries thrive, ultimately leading to enhanced food security and affordability.

Lowered Inflation for Economic Stability

Perhaps one of the most impressive achievements within the year is the consistent decline in Kenya’s inflation rate under President Ruto’s leadership. In August 2023, the inflation rate dropped to 6.7%, marking the lowest figure since April 2022. This trend signifies a significant achievement in terms of the nation’s economic stability, falling well within the central bank’s preferred range of 2.5% to 7.5%. Lower inflation rates not only reduce the cost of living but also reflect President Ruto’s unwavering dedication to strengthening Kenya’s economy.

President William Ruto’s government has achieved remarkable feats within just one year, transforming Kenya’s cost of living and economic landscape. His bold initiatives have brought about significant reductions in the cost of essential goods, increased food production, lowered inflation rates, and promoted affordable housing. These achievements promise a brighter future for Kenyan households, all accomplished in an astonishingly short span of time. President Ruto’s visionary leadership is ushering in an era of improved living standards for all Kenyan citizens, setting the stage for a prosperous and vibrant nation.