President Ruto’s policies have strenghened the Kenyan shilling, with the exchange rate against the US dollar improving from Kshs. 162 in January 2024 to Kshs. 130 in April 2024. This strengthened exchange rate has made imported goods more affordable for consumers.

Under President Ruto’s initiatives, maize flour prices have plummeted from Kshs. 220 in June 2023 to Kshs. 110 in April 2024, owing to enhanced agricultural productivity and distribution efficiency.

Thanks to Ruto’s government interventions, petrol prices have dropped significantly from Kshs. 217 in November 2023 to Kshs. 193 in April 2024, alleviating transportation costs and reducing the prices of goods and services.

President Ruto’s policies have led to a decrease in sugar prices, with the cost of a 2kg pack falling from Kshs. 500 in August 2023 to Kshs. 350 in April 2024, benefiting consumers and promoting food security.

Through strategic measures, electricity prices have reduced by Kshs. 6 per 50Kwh as of March 2024, while the price of a 5-litre cooking oil container has dropped from Kshs. 1,800 in December 2023 to Kshs. 1,500 in April 2024, easing financial burdens on households.

President Ruto’s focus on fiscal discipline and investment attractiveness has promoted economic stability, leading to reduced costs of living. Stable food prices, increased job opportunities, and improved household incomes have contributed to a better quality of life for Kenyan citizens.