President William Ruto’s government has established 138 camps in 18 Counties to provide shelter for victims of the ongoing heavy rainfall and flooding. These camps are currently housing 62,061 individuals from 14,771 households.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki stated that the flood victims in these camps are receiving support in the form of food and non-food essentials until the floodwaters subside, ensuring their basic needs are met during this challenging time.

Ruto’s government has published and displayed the list of the actual locations of the temporary shelter camps in each county. This information is accessible in all National Government and Administration Offices across the country, ensuring transparency and easy access to information.

CS Kindiki mentioned that the government has identified people living around 178 dams and water reservoirs in 33 counties and issued them with relocation and evacuation orders. This action aligns with President William Ruto’s directive to county security committees to determine evacuation orders on a case-by-case basis.

The actions taken by the government regarding the relocation and evacuation of flood victims are in line with President Ruto’s directive to ensure the safety of citizens in areas prone to flooding. This proactive approach aims to minimize the impact of floods on communities across the country.