President William Ruto has issued a comprehensive set of directives to various ministries and agencies in a bid to bolster response efforts against the destructive floods wreaking havoc throughout the country. Addressing the nation from State House in Nairobi on Friday, May 3, 2024, the President emphasized the widespread nature of the calamity, emphasizing the ongoing and escalating severity of the rains.

Among the directives, President Ruto instructed the Ministry of Education to postpone the reopening of schools for the Second Term until further notice, highlighting the need to prioritize safety amidst the crisis. He also tasked the National Treasury with ensuring adequate resources are allocated to procure and distribute essential provisions such as food and medical supplies in collaboration with development partners.

Furthermore, the President mandated the Kenya Defence Forces and the National Police Service to mobilize resources, personnel, and equipment to conduct coordinated public safety and risk mitigation operations. Ruto stressed the importance of a unified government approach, with Cabinet Secretaries leading disaster response and mitigation efforts nationwide.

Additionally, Ruto directed county security committees to assess and determine evacuation needs on a case-by-case basis, while also calling for continuous monitoring of dams and water reservoirs for potential risks. The President highlighted the government’s commitment to providing temporary shelter, essential supplies, and medical assistance to those affected, urging collaboration with humanitarian organizations for support.

In his directive, President Ruto emphasized the critical role of various ministries and agencies in ensuring a cohesive and effective response to the ongoing crisis, underlining the need for a whole-of-government approach to managing the situation.