Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is advocating for fair resource allocation across Kenya through his call for “one man, one vote, one shilling,” so as to ensure there is equitable distribution based on population and needs.

The DP acknowledges the needs of populous regions, ensuring they receive adequate resources tailored to their specific challenges, so as to strike a balance between marginalized and populous areas.

He is emphasizing the equitable distribution of resources, ensuring that each region receives its rightful share based on population and needs, promoting balanced development.

Gachagua is advocating for allocating resources based on the priority needs of each region, ensuring balanced and targeted development, and promoting inclusivity and fairness. He aims to promote inclusivity, ensuring that no region is left behind and all Kenyans benefit from development efforts.

The second in command is seeking to promote overall national growth and ensure fairness in development outcomes by advocating for fair resource distribution.

His call is not about alienating any region but about promoting fairness, ensuring every part of Kenya receives its fair share of resources.

Gachagua’s advocacy aims to benefit all Kenyans, regardless of their region’s population or status, by promoting an inclusive and equitable development agenda.