President William Ruto’s extensive four-day tour of the Nyanza Region continued with a momentous stop in Homa Bay County. During this visit, the President initiated a series of projects that promise to reshape the region’s economic landscape and improve the lives of its residents.

A significant highlight of the day was the commencement of construction on the Mfangano Ring Road and the Sindo-Mbita Road, which will facilitate access to remote lakeside areas, boost trade, and promote tourism. The Homa Bay Pier, a vital component of these infrastructure developments, will reconnect the region with key towns along Lake Victoria, fostering economic growth, job creation, and wealth generation.

President Ruto also inaugurated the construction and rehabilitation of the Homa Bay Pier, a project valued at Sh600 million and scheduled for completion within six months. Additionally, he pledged support for the construction of a modern fish market worth Sh350 million, aimed at enhancing traders’ earnings and economic prospects.

President Ruto assessed the ongoing Homa Bay Affordable Housing Project, which was initiated in February and has already become a source of employment for numerous local youth. This initiative underscores his government’s commitment to addressing housing needs while promoting youth employment opportunities.

The President’s visit reflects his unwavering dedication to improving connectivity, trade, and economic development. It demonstrates the transformative power of strategic infrastructure investments in driving regional growth, job creation, and an improved quality of life for the local population. As these projects progress, Homa Bay County can anticipate a brighter future, solidifying President Ruto’s legacy as a catalyst for development and progress.