Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has announced the launch of a statewide crackdown to reduce traffic accidents in Kenya.

Addressing the public in Kisumu, CS Kindiki explained the breadth of the operation, which included all types of vehicles (private, public, and institutional), as well as drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

In his directive to law enforcement agencies nationwide, CS Kindiki stressed the urgency of developing and implementing a comprehensive Traffic Law enforcement program to mitigate the alarming frequency of fatalities and injuries resulting from road accidents.

“We must adhere to traffic regulations, collaborate, and rid our roads of reckless individuals,” emphasized CS Kindiki. “It is incumbent upon all Kenyans to take responsibility, as the toll of these premature deaths is unbearable.”

The coordinated effort will be overseen jointly by the Traffic Department of the Kenya Police Service and the National Transport Safety Authority, with a strong emphasis on stringent law enforcement and the eradication of corruption within the system.