President William Ruto has issued a stern warning to government employees regarding potential corruption scandals within the Affordable Housing Programme.

Speaking today, Tuesday, March 19, 2024 during the signing of the Housing Bill into law at State House Nairobi, Ruto stated, “I would not condone any form of corruption,” highlighting measures in place to prevent such occurrences.

Ruto disclosed that the government had finalized pricing agreements for building materials to prevent inflated costs. He stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in the implementation of the Affordable Housing Programme.

Furthermore, Ruto emphasized the zero-tolerance stance on corruption, stating, “Corruption cannot be allowed.” The President’s strong stance underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring integrity and efficiency in the housing sector.

The warning comes as a proactive measure to safeguard the Affordable Housing Programme from any malpractices that could undermine its objectives.

Ruto’s decisive statements signal a clear message to all government employees involved in the housing initiative to uphold ethical standards and adhere to the prescribed guidelines.