Government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has confirmed that the long-awaited Itare dam project, which was stalled for five years, is poised to restart construction by the end of the year.

President Ruto has reportedly resolved all outstanding issues surrounding the project, paving the way for its resumption. Mwaura declared during a site visit that the project is part of a strategic plan to tackle water scarcity, with Itare dam listed among 100 priority dams nationwide.

The Sh38 billion project had encountered multiple challenges, including compensation disputes and legal hurdles, with the Italian contractor CMC Di Ravenna exiting in 2018. With only 30 percent of the work completed, the project’s completion date was pushed back to April 2021.

Once finished, the dam is projected to supply clean water to approximately 800,000 residents of Nakuru daily.

Mwaura revealed plans to employ over 10,000 local residents as unskilled laborers during the construction phase, emphasizing the aim to boost regional employment and economic growth.

He stated, “This initiative aims to boost local employment and enhance the region’s economic development,” underlining the project’s commitment to empowering the community through job opportunities.