IBEC facilitates consultation and cooperation between the National and County Governments on budget planning and financial management. As Chair, Gachagua is ensuring that financial decisions are equitable, aligning with both national and county priorities, promoting financial discipline and transparency.

IBEC oversees borrowing practices, debt management, and the allocation and management of grants. Gachagua is guiding the formulation of strategies to manage debt responsibly, ensuring compliance with the Public Finance Management (PFM) Act and optimizing the use of grants for development.

IBEC coordinates integrated development planning and economic management across both government levels. Under Gachagua’s leadership, IBEC is promoting harmonized development strategies that will boost economic growth and sustainability across counties.

IBEC Reviews and recommends financial policies, legislation, and regulations impacting public finance. Gachagua leads the Legal Committee in proposing legislative reforms that ensure sound financial management and equitable resource distribution.

IBEC Recommends policies and legislation with financial implications, consults on legal matters, and reviews public finance-related legislation. Gachagua chairs the committee, ensuring that legal recommendations are well-informed and support county financial interests.

Ensures borrowing aligns with the PFM Act, assesses debt management strategies, and oversees grant utilization. By chairing, Gachagua guarantees that borrowing practices are prudent and that grants are effectively managed to benefit economic development.

Evaluates macroeconomic performance, aligns county plans with national priorities, and coordinates policy implementation. Gachagua’s leadership is promoting collaborations, ensuring economic policies are effective and development plans are well-integrated.Evaluate

Promotes Kaizen principles for continuous improvement, facilitates capacity building, and benchmarks international practices. Gachagua has been an advocate for the adaptation of Kaizen, to enhance efficiency and productivity in government operations.

Ensures effective use of ICT in government operations, promoting digital innovation and service delivery improvement. He supports the adoption of ICT best practices, driving digital transformation to enhance governance and service delivery.

Coordinates IBEC’s activities, manages communication, and ensures implementation of resolutions. He ensures seamless coordination and effective communication among committees, leading to efficient implementation of IBEC’s decisions and resolutions.