The government has initiated discussions with Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian company, to potentially reduce the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for households in Kenya.

Reports from Bloomberg indicate that Kenya is exploring the acquisition of a floating LPG facility near the Port of Mombasa, with the aim of enhancing the supply of locally-made cooking gas. Kenya Pipeline Company CEO Joe Sang mentioned, “The facility is expected to process up to 30,000 tons of fuel, which could lead to a reduction in gas prices once operational.”

The temporary facility will precede the construction of a permanent LPG processing plant, with the tender for its development set to be issued in the coming months. Specific details of the agreement between the Kenyan government and Saudi Aramco are yet to be disclosed.

President William Ruto’s administration has been proactive in promoting clean energy, evident in the removal of taxes on LPG in the previous Finance Bill.

This move contributed to a drop in prices, benefiting consumers. President Ruto’s vision includes modernizing cooking methods in schools and institutions by 2025, emphasizing the importance of affordable and sustainable energy sources for all Kenyan households.