President William Ruto has outlined a bold strategy to eliminate Kenya’s reliance on maize imports by the end of next year, with a broader vision to halt wheat, rice, and edible oil imports within the next five years.

Speaking at a meeting with Kenyans in the United States, President Ruto emphasized the government’s commitment to bolstering local agriculture and reducing dependency on foreign supplies.

“We are going to invest in production. By next year, we are not going to be importing a grain of maize. We will move on to rice, wheat, and in five years, the one billion dollars we use in import of edible oils,” declared President Ruto, highlighting the administration’s ambitious agricultural agenda.

This transformative initiative is set to reshape regional trade dynamics and could impact Kenya’s primary maize suppliers, including Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.

President Ruto’s administration aims to enhance domestic agricultural production through increased investment and policy support to achieve self-sufficiency in key food commodities.

Acknowledging the progress made in maize production, President Ruto commended the decline in maize flour prices, attributing it to enhanced production and government interventions.

The administration’s focus on boosting local production aligns with the country’s economic goals and aspirations for self-reliance in the agricultural sector.