Kenya has voiced its support for reforms to bolster the global response to future pandemics and ensure equitable distribution of vaccines.

Health CS Susan Nakhumicha represented Kenya at the World Health Assembly in Geneva, emphasizing the need for changes to International Health Regulations to address public health emergencies effectively.

Nakhumicha reiterated Kenya’s stance on the importance of global cooperation in combating infectious diseases, stating, “Covid-19 reminded us, infectious diseases do not respect borders, and thus, we must work together as a global community to address these challenges effectively.”

During the meeting, discussions centered on finalizing negotiations on the Pandemic Agreement and International Health Regulations, crucial for guiding countries in international health emergencies. While a new pandemic treaty was also on the agenda, consensus remains elusive.

Nakhumicha highlighted Kenya’s initiatives to strengthen healthcare systems, including the Primary Health Care Fund and Community Health Promoters program. She emphasized the country’s commitment to enhancing health programs critical for achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general, emphasized the need for collective action to prepare for future pandemics, acknowledging the significant efforts made by member states in response to Covid-19.

He underscored the ongoing negotiations as a step towards a generational pandemic agreement to prepare the world for upcoming health crises better.