President William Ruto has thrown his support behind the peace blueprint presented by US President Joe Biden, aimed at resolving the longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine. In a statement released on Monday, Ruto hailed the initiative as a crucial step towards quelling the escalating tensions in the region.

“I welcome the roadmap put forward by President Joe Biden to bring an end to the escalating and widening conflict between Israel and Palestine,” President Ruto affirmed, underlining the significance of the proposed plan.

The comprehensive roadmap, jointly developed by Qatar and Egypt, delineates a series of actions to address the crisis and reconcile the two nations. The initial phase entails a six-week ceasefire, the retreat of Israeli forces from Gaza’s populated zones, and the restitution of captives and remains.

Emphasizing the importance of the proposed strategy in facilitating the reconstruction efforts in Gaza, President Ruto encouraged Israeli and Palestinian leaders, along with other stakeholders, to endorse the plan for a more peaceful and equitable future.

“Imparted with the profound human suffering inflicted by this conflict, I urge Israeli and Palestinian leadership, as well as all well-meaning parties, to throw their weight behind this plan,” Ruto urged, envisioning a coexisting Israel and Palestine resulting in a more harmonious global landscape.

Expressing conviction in the potential of the plan to establish a lasting ceasefire and implement a two-state solution, Ruto asserted that such strides would foster stability in the region and across the world.