In a move to enhance bilateral relations, Kenya and Zimbabwe have solidified their commitment to boosting trade and investment through the signing of crucial cooperation agreements across various sectors.

The signing ceremony, held during the Joint Permanent Commission on Cooperation (JPCC) meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe on Friday, marks a pivotal moment in the collaboration between the two nations.

Among the notable agreements inked are Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) focusing on economic and trade clusters, transport infrastructure, investment promotion, and agricultural development. These agreements aim to foster mutual growth and cooperation, emphasizing the importance of shared knowledge and capabilities between the two countries.

In a statement from the Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs Ministry over the weekend, it was highlighted that the agreements cover a wide array of sectors, including education, health, public service capacity development, and cultural exchange.

The commitment to advancing negotiations on pending instruments in areas such as trade, investment, energy, and infrastructure underscores the determination to deepen ties and promote sustainable development.

Reflecting on the significance of the agreements, a spokesperson stated, “These agreements pave the way for increased collaboration and exchange of expertise, ultimately benefiting both nations economically and socially. The emphasis on operationalizing these agreements underscores the commitment to translating intentions into tangible outcomes for the benefit of our citizens.”

Moving forward, the establishment of Joint Technical Committees to monitor and evaluate the implementation of these agreements demonstrates a proactive approach to ensuring the success of the cooperative efforts.