Kenya has embarked on an extraordinary journey toward international peace by aligning with United Nations Resolution 2699 (2023), which pertains to the deployment of police officers to Haiti. The resolution, officially adopted during the 9430th meeting of the Security Council on October 2, 2023, underscores Kenya’s deep-seated commitment to playing a pivotal role in an international peacekeeping mission.

President William Ruto, in his address at the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly, affirmed Kenya’s unwavering readiness to stand shoulder to shoulder with other like-minded nations, working collaboratively to provide a comprehensive response to the myriad challenges confronting Haiti. This pivotal moment marks Kenya’s recognition of the nation’s responsibility in advancing global harmony and aiding nations in distress.

Following a fact-finding mission to Haiti, a delegation from Kenya returned home armed with invaluable insights and recommendations, which will serve as a compass guiding Kenya’s contributions to this noble cause.

The deployment of Kenyan Police officers to Haiti will adhere scrupulously to the tenets of Article 240 of Kenya’s Constitution and will be contingent on approval from both the National Assembly and the Senate. Kenya has pledged to dispatch 1,000 police officers in response to the initial request for 2,500 officers. The mission’s duration is set at one year, during which Kenyan officers will labor diligently to bolster peace and stability in Haiti.

Kenya’s Police Service boasts a distinguished history and an illustrious track record in peacekeeping missions and peace support operations, having served in conflict zones from Namibia to Kosovo. This unwavering commitment has persisted through deployments in regions like South Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, New York, and many more, solidifying Kenya’s role in fostering international peace.

As Kenya joins forces with other nations to extend a hand of friendship and peace to Haiti, this marks an indelible moment in Kenya’s history. It holds the promise of a brighter and more harmonious world where unity and collaboration constitute the crux of the nation’s foreign policy. In this steadfast support, Haiti and the global community can find hope for a better tomorrow, underpinned by Kenya’s dedication to peace.