The Ministry of Health urged Kenyans to regularly check on elderly relatives, neighbors, and individuals with special needs during severe weather conditions, ensuring their safety.

The appeal comes in response to the devastating floods affecting the country, with 190,942 individuals adversely affected, and several counties, including Nairobi, Tana River, West Pokot, Nakuru, and Murang’a, facing negative impacts.

The ministry has emphasized the importance of community support and vigilance, urging citizens to exercise caution and provide assistance to the less fortunate members of society during extreme weather.
The call to action highlights the need for regular checks on vulnerable individuals, aiming to prevent harm and ensure the safety and well-being of elderly, special needs individuals, and neighbors.

By regularly checking on vulnerable members of society, Kenyans will help mitigate risks and provide necessary support during adverse weather conditions, reducing the impact of severe weather-related disasters.