Earlier this year, President Ruto and the Ministry of Education launched the first ever government funded online university in the country.

Open University of Kenya is an institution with various major schools such as Schools of Education and ICT. Kenyans who meet the various qualifications for the numerous courses offered by Open University have now been urged to make their applications for the November intake.

For instance, those seeking to enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree need to have either attained a mean grade of C+ and above for their KCSE or have a diploma in the respective school they seek to enroll in.

Open University being a government funded institution will mean that tuition fees for Kenyans will be significantly lower in comparison to private schools. The flexibility of the university being an online school will ensure that any and all Kenyan students will be able to access classes wherever they are.

This is most comforting for many young Kenyans who will not need to travel miles from home to access a university education. This flexibility assures Kenyans the accessibility of a quality education that does not also leave a giant hole in their wallets.

Kenyans wishing to enroll in this coming semester have been asked to visit the school’s website to make their application as well as familiarize themselves with the needed requirements.

The Vice Chancellor has reminded Kenyans that Open University does not ask for an application fee.