Park officials from the Ol Kinyei Conservancy in Masai Mara have attributed the revival and significant improvement of the tourist numbers to the support from the national and county government. Speaking to a local television station, the park officials have stated that the Kenya Kwanza government’s support has been monumental to the park.

The park officials stated that the welfare of the park has seen a significant improvement since the government stepped in to support the conservancy in funding.

Speaking to the station, the conservancy director said that the Masai Mara has been facing an unfortunate demise which the support of the governor and the national government has helped reverse. The government has also helped reduce the human conflict between the residents in the area, by creating awareness on the benefits of tourism to the local community as well as the ecological benefits of wildlife. The officials stated that the resolutions of these conflicts has since seen better methods.

Currently in the Mara, the infamous wildebeest migration is happening, one of the 8Wonders of the World. The park has seen an increase in tourists, especially from the Asian continent, with the park officials commented that the park has seen the biggest yet numbers of visitors this year, compared to the past few years.

The park officials have also urged Kenyans to embrace domestic tourisms, reminding them that park rates are pocket friendly for Kenyans. Ol Kinyei Conservancy is a beautiful park, green and full of splendor that Kenyans will love and enjoy.