President Ruto yesterday opened the UDA Homa Bay County Office in Homa Bay town where he reminded Kenyans of the important role political parties play in the country’s peace and harmony.

Political parties such as UDA play a crucial part in a country’s democracy. Parties such as UDA are the perfect avenues for Kenyans to:

  1. Foster Democracy.

Parties give Kenyans the chance to make the choices of leaders as they please. With the presence of political parties, Kenyans can make the best possible choice for leaders as they did a year ago at the general elections where UDA emerged as the majority winners due to their manifesto that is built in improving all aspects of Kenyans’ lives from the grassroots.

  • A Platform to Voice Concerns.

Political Parties such as UDA provide Kenyans with a platform to air and voice their concerns to the ruling branch of the country. Parties also provide the platform in parliament where members can make policies and question the government’s decisions, to ensure that these decisions are in the best interests of the people of Kenya.

Speaking in Homa Bay, the President reiterated these sentiments stating that Political parties are not funnels of tribalism but vehicles of democracy and development.

He insisted that all must endeavor to build a national and progressive party that will unite Kenyans and take the country forward.