President William Ruto has publicly praised opposition leader Raila Odinga for his recent acknowledgment of the government’s affordable housing project. Ruto hailed Raila’s recognition of the importance of the affordable housing initiative, stating, “I appreciate the acknowledgment of the affordable housing plan as a positive initiative. This should put an end to the debate on the housing levy, which has been put on hold by the courts.”

Ruto emphasized that the development of affordable housing projects is a critical step in creating job opportunities for young people and providing ordinary citizens with the chance to own homes. He expressed his belief that Raila’s support for the affordable housing plan aligns with his own views, and he hopes that this acknowledgment will help to end the ongoing debate regarding the program.

Raila Odinga, in his recent remarks, expressed support for affordable housing but raised concerns about the government’s implementation model and its taxation approach. He suggested that the government should have held a national conference to explain the housing policy change before rolling it out. Raila also emphasized the need to design homes based on the specific needs of different regions and people, rather than building identical houses across the country.

President Ruto’s administration aims to build 20,000 houses in each of the 47 counties, with the construction of these houses expected to create over 30,000 jobs in each county. The unexpected support from Raila Odinga has sparked a new phase in the ongoing debate over the affordable housing plan, with potential implications for its future implementation.