Former Kenyan National Union of Teachers Secretary General Wilson Sossion has come forward to support President Ruto’s administration’s decision to shift the payment of school fees for students in national schools to the eCitizen platform. Sossion emphasized that this move aims to eradicate corruption associated with cash payments and enhance transparency in the education system.

In a televised interview, Sossion stated, “E-citizen is a general policy that the government has adopted in its accounting system, to eliminate all forms of corruption and avoid transactions using cash payments.” He further highlighted that the eCitizen platform will help eliminate indirect charges imposed on parents by schools, such as exorbitant fees for school uniforms, which have been a barrier to accessing education.

Sossion also pointed out the successful implementation of the eCitizen platform in other sectors, citing the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) as an example where revenue collection has significantly improved. He urged Kenyans to embrace the system, emphasizing its convenience for students and parents.

The process has not been without its challenges, as Sossion acknowledged that there has been pushback due to a lack of comprehensive explanation of the implementation. However, he remains optimistic about the potential benefits of the eCitizen platform in streamlining school fee payments and ensuring equitable access to education.