President William Ruto graced the vibrant Turkana Cultural and Tourism Festival, known as Tobonglore, on Thursday 12th October 2023, in Lodwar town. Dressed in a stunning Maasai shuka adorned with red and blue boxes, he represented the rich Maasai culture at the event. This festival, scheduled for October 12 to 14, will bring together local and international visitors in Turkana County.

Tobonglore, deeply rooted in Turkana tradition, holds immense significance for the Turkana people. It celebrates their unique culture and heritage, fostering a sense of pride and identity among them, while passing down their traditions to younger generations. This event unites members of the Ateker community from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, and South Sudan, showcasing their distinctive traditions, music, dance, and art.

Economically, Tobonglore is a boon for local businesses and artisans, creating a thriving marketplace for their crafts and products, thereby promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth in Turkana. On a national level, the festival contributes to Kenya’s tourism sector by exposing visitors to the rich and diverse Turkana culture, attracting tourists from across the globe. This diversification not only enhances the country’s tourism offerings but also generates revenue and job opportunities for the region.

The Turkana Cultural and Tourism Festival serves as a crucial platform for preserving traditions, driving economic growth, and boosting Kenya’s tourism sector. It stands as a vital event, not only for Turkana but for all Kenyans.