President Ruto has made significant changes to his cabinet in order to create a more efficient and effective government that responds to the needs of its citizens. The reshuffle, which saw various ministries merged and renamed aims to optimize performance and enhance delivery as outlined in the Kenya Kwanza’s manifesto.

In the reorganization, the Office of the Prime Cabinet Secretary has been expanded to include the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, now headed by Musalia Mudavadi. Moses Kuria, who previously served as the Investments, Trade and Industry Cabinet Secretary, has been moved to the newly reconstituted Ministry of Public Service, Performance and Delivery Management.

Former Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Minister, Alfred Mutua, has been appointed as the head of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. A new ministry, the Ministry of Gender, Culture, the Arts and Heritage, has also been established, with Aisha Jumwa taking charge.

Other changes include the renaming of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports to the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, which will continue to be overseen by Ababu Namwamba. Rebecca Miano has replaced Moses Kuria at the Ministry of Investments, Trade and Industry, while Peninah Malonza now heads the Ministry of East African Community, the ASALs and Regional Development.

The President has also reorganized the Principal Secretaries, with Harsama Kello taking over the State Department for the ASALs and Regional Development, Julius Korir stepping into the State Department for Water and Sanitation, and Geoffrey Kaituko leading the State Department for Shipping and Maritime Affairs.

These changes reflect President Ruto’s commitment to creating a cabinet that is responsive to the needs of the citizens and operates with efficiency and effectiveness. The reshuffle aims to optimize performance and enhance delivery, ensuring that government delivers on its promises to the people.