During the National Prayer Breakfast at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, President William Ruto disclosed that all parastatals have heeded his call to reduce their recurrent budgets by 30%, aligning with the country’s current economic situation.

“I was pleasantly surprised that every parastatal was willing to contribute to ensuring we live within our means. They have submitted their reports and reduced their recurrent budgets by 30%,” President Ruto stated, emphasizing the collaborative effort among government entities.

President Ruto emphasized the need for fiscal discipline, stating that his office, along with the Deputy President and the Prime Cabinet Secretary, will lead by example in tightening their financial belts.

The focus, he emphasized, will be on strategic investments to stimulate wider economic prosperity, particularly in sectors like dairy, flowers, coffee, and tea that generate opportunities for Kenyans.

Asserting his commitment as a responsible steward, President Ruto pledged to manage the country’s affairs with integrity and selflessness, striving towards a future of hope.

With the economy stabilized, he revealed plans to prioritize job creation, enhance road infrastructure, and steer resources towards post-flood repair efforts to benefit Kenyans at large. Addressing speculations regarding his recent US trip expenses, he clarified, “It cost us less than Sh10 million because I am not a madman.”