Speaking on yesterday Wednesday14th December 2023 at the Diaspora Investment Conference in Nairobi, President William Ruto expressed sincere gratitude for the major role played by the Kenyan diaspora in the country’s economic success. 

He emphasized the government’s appreciation for their achievements as well as the close ties they have with Kenya.

According to the president, “The government attaches great importance to its citizens living abroad and appreciates the role of the Kenyan diaspora in decolonizing, democratising, and globalizing the country’s economy.”

Moreover, President Ruto assured the diaspora community of their safety in their host countries, emphasizing that the security and safety of Kenyans living abroad is a top priority for the government.

He stated, “As government, the security and safety of all citizens is our foremost commitment and most fundamental obligation, without which every other endeavor, including investment, is not possible.”

The government pledged continued engagement with the diaspora community globally, aiming to provide systems and structures that protect their rights and welfare. President Ruto encouraged the diaspora to leave the conference with a strong resolve to contribute further to the nation’s development.

He emphasized the need for collaboration to build a nation that thrives on the collective efforts of its people, both at home and abroad.

President Ruto also highlighted the government’s efforts to digitize its services, enabling efficient delivery of services to Kenyans abroad, with over 14,000 services now expanded digitally.

Additionally, initiatives such as the Mobile Consular Service exercise, covering 22 countries and serving over 9,000 Kenyans abroad, have been launched. Furthermore, a Global Labour Market Strategy has been developed to connect skilled Kenyans, especially youth, with employment opportunities abroad.

The president’s remarks and the government’s commitments at the conference have set the stage for a new era of engagement and collaboration between the government and the Kenyan diaspora, with a focus on harnessing their contributions for national development.